One Top, Three Fall Looks

Can you believe that it is already the week of Thanksgiving?  The past few months have seem to flown by and the slow down is definitely no where in sight with the holiday season in full swing. I feel like things speed up extra right before Thanksgiving and fly by after. With all the holiday parties, gift shopping, and everything else in-between I’m making an effort to be more present this year and enjoy this season.

For me slowing down means planning ahead on Sundays, prepping meals for the week, getting my gift shopping done early, and having easy outfits I can throw on when I’ve got to get out the door. So, when I find an item that can be mixed and matched and worn again and again you best believe it comes home with me. Having a versatile piece that goes with a bunch of things also helps me justify the cost-per-wear.

But seriously, I hate buying something and wearing it once or twice only to have it be just another piece hanging in my closet (I don’t have room in there for all that). So, most of my purchase decisions are made after thinking about how many ways I can wear a piece, if it’s versatile, and how many ways I can style it. The more I can wear the item the better cost CPW it has and the more likely I am to purchase.

When I saw this top at Anthropologie recently I knew I had to scoop it up because of all the ways I could wear it. I’m showing you three ways to wear one top by mixing and matching different pieces with it, most of which you probably have similar of in your closet. One top, three totally different looks!


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