What I’m Thankful For + Black Friday Sales

Happy Thanksgiving! Today and Friday I am gathering with my family and Travis’s family to give thanks and spend quality time together. I particularly love Thanksgiving and Christmas because it’s a day that everyone can slow down a little and spend time together, uninterrupted by work and the daily stresses of life.

I believe that it’s important to give thanks everyday, no matter how big or small. So, I just wanted to remind you that no matter what season you are walking through in life you have something to be thankful for! And in the spirit of putting out positive energy into the universe I’m sharing four things that I’m thankful for, today and every day.

1. Travis

Ok, ok. I know what you’re thinking. Of course this girl is thankful for her boyfriend. But really guys! I wish everyone could know Travis the way I do. I certainly count my blessings that I wound up with someone like him. He constantly supports my crazy dreams (and y’all, I have a lot), picks me up when I’m down, makes me laugh, and takes me on new adventures I would have never experienced without him. I hope he knows how thankful I am to have him in my life and how special he is to me.

2. Family

Every family looks different and is made up of different people and personalities. Some people have huge families, small families, friends that turn into family, and so on. I am thankful for all those I consider to be family. My Mom and Dad, brothers, extended family (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents), Travis’s family, and my best friends who have turned into family over the years. These are the people that support me, encourage me, make me laugh, comfort me when I cry, and who I hold the very best memories with.

3. My Health

Having battled Lyme Disease for the past four years, being at a spot with my health where I feel mostly well is a blessing that I thank God for everyday. A few Thanksgiving’s ago I couldn’t even sit up at the table to eat and spent the day before and after in the Hospital – a big change from this year. I am so thankful that I am at a spot where I am feeling good this year. In a way good health is truly happiness, without it life is very different.

4. Change + Faith

The past year has been a challenging and rewarding one for me. I’ve gone through changes in my career and in my personal life that have rocked me to my core, made me question myself, made me grow, and challenged me. Through all of this change one thing that has remained constant and even grown within me is my Faith in Jesus. I find comfort and thankfulness in the fact that although I might be uncertain about my next steps in life I know Jesus has me and has a plan. I’m thankful for change, challenge, and His constant love.

Of course, every Thanksgiving after giving their thanks, people are then focused on Black Friday sales. Me included! I’ve rounded up what I think is the best of the best of the sales and some of my top picks for you to shop. 

Nordstrom – 20% off on select sale items! I love shopping at Nordstrom because of their amazing customer service, great selection of brands, and the fact that they price match. Find a similar item at another similar retailer and they’ll match it. Plus, their return policy is amazing.

Shopbop – Shopbop typically never has sales and you can get great designer pieces from their that aren’t available at other retailers. I love this Blank NYC faux fur coat, ANYTHING Beyond Yoga, and these Spanx Leather leggings. Plus if you have amazon Prime you can get 2-day shipping! Code is MORE17 for 20% off of orders 200+ and Sale Items are up to an additional 75% off.


Madewell – My love for Madewell runs deep. The entire site is 25% off, including this top I’m wearing in this post. Their pieces are unique and last long if you take good care of them. I highly recommend scooping up a few great basics.

Abercrombie – Comfy basics at a great price. Sitewide is currently 50% 0ff!

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