My Pure Barre Experience


Today I’m sharing with you something that I’m very passionate about and that is my go-to workout, Pure Barre! You may have heard me talk about it on my Instagram Stories, have taken a class yourself, or know a friend that’s hooked – but I’ve definitely noticed that barre is rising in popularity – and for good reason. Pure Barre has given me so many amazing opportunities and benefits in the little over a year that I’ve been a client and also, a teacher. I can’t wait to share that with you!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pure Barre, it is a 50 minute, high-intensity, low-impact workout that is super effective and safe, delivering a full body workout that targets all those problem areas (abs, arms, seat (aka butt), thighs). Once you step into a studio and take your first class you will quickly realize that Pure Barre is just that and so much more. Building on the fundamentals of Pure Barre classic you also have the option to try out a 45 minute cardio centric class to get your heart rate up even higher.

There are so many benefits to working out (you’re thinking ‘Duh, Tara. We know that.), but the benefits and opportunities that I’ve experienced since taking my first Pure Barre class go beyond just your average physical transformation.

Muscles & Strength

One of the main questions I get when I’m talking to someone about Pure Barre is, ‘Did you lose weight?’ When I started out taking Pure Barre my goal was to tone my stomach, back, and arms – I’ve done all three, and a little bit of weight loss came with it. I also know women that have lost 5 lbs, 10 lbs, and even 70 lbs, during their time taking. How amazing is that!

After I started taking Pure Barre I noticed results in my muscle tone in less than 2 weeks, I had never seen that from any other workout. Even today, I see my body continuing to change from the classes and it’s one of the many reasons myself and others keep coming back class after class. Besides the muscle tone that came with taking regularly (4-5 times a week), I just feel STRONGER! I can fully do pushups now, hold a plank for 90 secs (or more) and crush 7 minutes of continuous ab work. HEY HEY!

I debated sharing the below pictures, but I want to encourage all you beautiful ladies that everyone starts somewhere and no two journeys are alike. This is mine and I’m proud.

Love For My Body

As women, we can be ridiculously hard on ourselves – comparing ourselves to other people we see on Instagram, picking apart every little flaw on our bodies, speaking mean words to ourselves when we look in the mirror – we’ve all done it. Now when I look in the mirror when I’m taking a Pure Barre class I see a strong, capable, beautiful body that is challenging itself and doing something good for it. I’m by no means perfect and definitely still get down on myself, but then when I reallly look in the mirror at myself I see how far I’ve come and remember what my body can do now that it couldn’t two years ago. Every BODY is beautiful and that’s what I want women to know when they come in studio to take a class.


I’ve heard a lot of clients say that walking into their first Pure Barre class they were intimidated and nervous because they felt like all the women already knew what they were doing and knew each other. I won’t lie, I felt this way too. But, I quickly realized that most everyone felt this same way when they walked in the door. The instructors and other clients weren’t intimidating though, they were welcoming and really wanted you to succeed!

Now as a teacher, the other Pure Barre team members from the studios I am apart of have truly become my FRIENDS! I text them often just to say hello, grab dinner with them and they even help me take blog pics haha. Pure Barre has given me the opportunity to meet women at all different phases in their lives and make connections with them, and it’s by far one of my very favorite things. How many other workouts can you say you can’t wait to go to just to talk to the clients/staff?!


Some people are naturally confident and I so admire that, but I wouldn’t say that’s always come naturally to me. Along with loving and appreciating my body and all the hard work it can do, I’ve also gained confidence during my journey with Pure Barre. First, as a client when I finally got the technique down or could do 2 more full body pushups than last class, or stay in the shake, I felt confident in what I was doing!

Taking it even a step farther, when I became a teacher, learning to be confident in front of a class meant confidence in my understanding of the technique, the music, how to help someone modify, work harder, or adjust their form when in position. Anyone who has ever gotten up in front of a room of people and had to teach them can tell you it’s slightly nerve racking and intimidating, so confidence in myself was huge here, too. It’s definitely been a journey, but now when I get up in front of a class to instruct I’m confident in my ability to lead those women through a killer 50-minute workout and crush it.

Drive & Determination

Rome wasn’t built in a day… right? Well that’s pretty much how I feel about this workout. It’s ever evolving and changing, just like my body and myself as a teacher. Sore muscles and busy schedules aside, whenever I fall out of my routine I know I can pick back up with Pure Barre. When I’m in class I push myself through the shake (with motivation from the teacher) when I want to come out of form because I have a goal. When preparing for class and learning new choreography I think about how I can deliver the best 50 minutes to clients, always improving upon last time. Pure Barre has taught me so much about drive and determination and to keep pushing and improving, even when it’s hard.

I totally understand that certain workouts are not for everyone, but I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try a Pure Barre class. Don’t let a bunch of women in leggings intimidate you, everyone at the end of the day is there for themselves and your teachers want to see you succeed! Pure Barre has given me so much this past year that I always get so excited to share and encourage others to give it a try… you never know what you’ll fall in love with!

So, have you ever taken a Pure Barre class? Are you a regular client? Nervous about going to take your first class and needing a little encouragement? I’d love to connect with you if you have more questions so you can see what the hype is all about.

Special thanks to the ladies at Pure Barre Crofton for helping me out with these pictures. You guys are the best!