The end of another work week and the beginning of another weekend! It’s calling for rain all weekend over here but I hope the sun peaks through for at least a little bit.

I wanted to try a slightly different setup for today’s Friday Favorites to incorporate more of y’all into these posts! I’ll still be sharing a few of my current favorites but will also be sharing some recent questions from y’all that I get in DMs on Instagram. I love being able to help answer any questions you guys might have, whether it be fashion, healthy eating, workouts, beauty, etc! I’ll pull some recent questions every Friday that you may be wondering the answers to that others have already asked. Here we go!

Friday Favorites

Travis and I have been obsessed with this Sparkling Water. It’s extra bubbly and tasty! The lime one is our favorite! We picked it up at Whole Foods.

I like to be able to wear fashion trends, but not spend a ton on them because they will most likely be out of style next season. I love these fur booties because they are fun, trendy, and for the amount I would wear them the price point is perfect!

I’ve been practicing being very intentional with my mornings. This includes, adjusting the settings on my phone to not use any social media before 7am and starting each day with some quiet time. I got this bible over the summer and I love it because of 1) how pretty it is 2) how it breaks things down at the being of each book.

You Asked, I Answer

“I wanted to get your input on extensions. Are they expensive? And are they a lot of maintenance? My hair has thinned out so much over the years and it totally bums me out.” 

Girl, I’m with ya. While my hair hasn’t thinned out much, it’s already on the thinner side. Before I got extensions I started taking collagen (this is the one I use). That made a drastic difference in the texture and thickness in my hair after consistently using it for a few months. As for extensions, they are definitely a pricier initial investment (combined with install and color), but that being said not as expensive or hard to keep up with as you might think. I can only speak from personal experience but I have made sure to take care of my extensions since I had them put in to make this first pack last. Like with anything, if you’re going to make the investment you must be willing to take care of it! Your extensions will last you if you treat them well and follow your stylists recommendations. For everyday maintenance, I treat them the same as my real hair and I had them moved up at the same time I had my color touched up (about two months). I consider the maintenance on them pretty easy!

“I’ve always wanted to try Pure Barre, should I do it?”

I may be a little biased because I’m a Pure Barre teacher and take regularly, but heck yes! Pure Barre is the only workout out of everything I have tried that I don’t get tired of and have seen the biggest results from. I did a post on all the benefits I’ve gotten out of Pure Barre since becoming a client and teacher. You can check it out here.

“Your skin always looks so clear! What do you use?”

I partly owe my skin to my mama and her genes, but I am very regimented about my skincare routine. Over the past 6 months I’ve switched up my routine a little bit, pulling my favorite products from different lines and feel like I’ve finally found what works for me. I’ll be doing an updated post about it in the coming weeks, but my number one tip is to find a moisturizer and cleanser that works really well for your skin. Two of my favorite moisturizers are this Drunk Elephant one and this Tula one!

If you ever have a question, don’t hesitate to email me at or shoot me a DM!

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