One Simple Sweater, 3 Different Looks

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I just got back in and the city streets are buzzing with all the littles dressed up going building-to-building to trick or treat – it’s the cutest thing.

I’ve come to a realization when I’m shopping that if I can’t wear the item multiple ways I probably shouldn’t be buying it. There are a few exceptions, but mostly I want the pieces in my closet to be versatile!  Part of the reason I love fall so much is because sweaters are an easy piece to be able to style multiple ways and get many uses. I love getting the most of my money, ya know? You can easily take a sweater from workout, to work, to date night with a few simple changes – amazing right? Sweaters like this are definitely staples in my closet and come in handy especially when you’re traveling.

Recently, we were down at my parents beach house in Delaware and I picked this sweater up to bring down with us. You can seriously wear it for almost anything! I love that I got three completely different looks out of just one piece (which really helps when you’re an over packer like me). 

After Sweat Sesh

Often times I run errands right after a barre class. I love that I can switch out my tank top for this sweater and still look put together in public. The leggings and sneakers dress down the sweater and give it a much more casual feel. Plus this baby is so soft and cozy that you’ll still feel relaxed and laid back!




My leggings are the Lululemon Align Pant II 25″ length. They are the most amazing legging EVER. Highly recommend!

Working Girl

Now, I don’t know about you, but where I work is pretty casual. So this outfit is something I would definitely wear into the office (and have worn!). It’s also cute and cozy for fun weekend daytime activities like visiting a brewery, shopping, or whatever fall things you are getting into. If your work place is a little more business and less casual, you could pair this with some nicer slacks and a mule or a fancier bootie for a look that is more professional.

fall-sweater-with-scarf fall-sweater-with-scarf

Date Night

I think it’s kind of wild how just changing out my jeans for a skirt and nixing the scarf could really elevate this sweater and give a totally different vibe. This look would 100% be my go-to for date night with Travis or a night out with friends. A skirt with a little bit of detail brings a more sophisticated/fun feel to an otherwise simple sweater!

Do y’all like these kind of posts? I love being able to get more than one use out of an item. If this is something you would want to see more of please let me know in the comments below!

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