Our Engagement Story


Happy Wednesday! We’ve made it halfway through the week and the light at the end of the tunnel (aka Friday) is in sight! Today I am kicking off a new series on the blog, Wedding Wednesday! With this kick-off I couldn’t think of a better post than giving you all a quick run-down of our engagement story! I’ll leave the sappy moments out as I want to keep the exact words private and personal, but take you through the whole night! I foresee this being a sort of monthly series where I dish on where we are at with the wedding planning process or any tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

Our Engagement Story

December 22nd of last year started out as any ordinary Friday night for the most part. I taught a Pure Barre class back at my home studio and then was headed to Travis’s annual family and friends Christmas Party. I was a bit rushed so I changed at the studio and then headed over to his house. Travis was living in New York at the time so he had taken a train home that evening and was just getting back to Maryland.

The night began and everyone was having a great time. We had plans to go to a friends annual Ugly Sweater party once we wrapped up at Travis’s house, so I really didn’t think anything of it when he asked me to move my car so we could get out since we would be leaving before everyone else was. I didn’t want to move it and protested a little until finally (to his relief I’m sure) I got my keys and walked outside to my car.

Travis followed me out and when I got to my car door he turned me around and gave me a hug. I was a little confused, ya girl was just trying to move her car, but when I went to turn back around he turned me around again, said a few words and got down on one knee (at this point I think I blacked out lol). I remember my heart racing and asking if this was real (it was!).

Meagan, Travis’s sister then popped out around the corner taking pictures (she got the whole thing) and told us to come over to the light where she could see us better. We hugged and laughed, took a few more pictures and then headed back to the house to tell everyone our exciting news.

It was a surreal and emotional moment! My family was inside, Travis’s family, and close friends and it was amazing to get to have a private moment of our own and then get to share and celebrate with everyone else right after. It was amazing and perfect, it still bring tears to my eyes even now! And here’s the first real look I’ve shown of my ring up close, I’m very very obsessed with it!


Wedding Planning Begins

We are getting married on October 5, 2019, so we’ve had a longer engagement and more time to plan! I booked vendors I knew were the most important to me right away, like our photographer and videographer. But, we are now at the point of choosing caterers and things that are stressing me out just a bit.

I thought I would LOVE wedding planning, but recently it has been stressful and causing me more anxiety than bliss, if I’m being completely honest. I just want to be transparent with y’all because I think a lot of time on social media we see people planning weddings and they make it look so easy! At least I sometimes feel this way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and a cool experience to get to have with you fiance, but the stress is real at times and I’ve found it taking away from the meaning of the day at some moments.

With that being said I turned to y’all, my trusty friends who give the best advice ALWAYS, to ask for your best wedding planning advice. Seriously though, the little bit of nuggets of advice you all left on my instagram story I’m writing down and saving to remember throughout the rest of this process and when I feel stressed. I’m sharing them below in case you are a bride-to-be, bridesmaid, family of the bride, etc. and want to pass these tips along!


The Best Wedding Planning Advice I’ve Received

1. “Know that it will all work out but have a day of coordinator at the very least.”

I got this piece of advice many times in many ways. Someone else even said hiring a coordinator was the “Best money we spent!” This was really important to us and one of the first things we set out to get done.

2. “Remember at the end of the day you two will be married no matter what.”

This is huge and I also got this same piece of advice multiple times all worded in it’s own ways. When I get stressed out or worried something isn’t going to be exactly how I want it it’s SO important to remember the day is about Travis and I becoming one (or you and your fiance!) and really nothing else matters.

3. “Talk with at least 3 vendors in each category before you book. You’ll feel more confident knowing you saw all of your options.”

This one came from a wedding planner so you know this is tried and true! I’ve found it really important to look around and see what your options are, I’ve found prices to range by 1,000’s for vendors providing similar services in the same category.

4.  “Book the big things as much in advance as you can because they will jack their prices up!”

We’ve been really lucky that we’ve had more time to plan than normal so we’ve been able to get 2018 prices for a good amount of our vendors! I recommend to book big vendors/get quotes as soon as possible.

I hope this was even just a little bit helpful for you. Are you currently planning a wedding? I feel like us brides who are planning have to stick together, vent to each other, and pass along any tips/tricks we’ve learned along way. From one bride to another, happy planning!

Photography by Costola Photography

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