Everyday 5 Minute Skincare Routine

I don’t know about y’all but sometimes I feel like skincare can just be confusing. Do I really need serums? What does this really do? Talk about overwhelming – especially when you are trying to find something that works for you and your skin.

I remember starting out trying to find a good skincare routine that not only worked for my skin type, which can be pretty sensitive but didn’t take me forever. With so many products on the market though it felt a little overwhelming trying to find what worked.

Fast forward to four years later and I feel like I’m at a point where my skincare routine is pretty consistent. Lucky for you, I’ve tried and tested many serums, moisturizers, eye creams, and cleansers to get the regiment I have now – and hopefully I’ll be able to save you all some trial and error of your own!

After many requests, I’m finally sharing my go-to products, what they are for, and when I use them. A routine so easy it takes less than 5 minutes, promise! Plus I’m sharing 3 hacks to skincare without breaking the bank every month.

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The Basics

Let’s talk cleanser, besides taking your bra off at the end of the night, cleansing your face may be the next best thing. This one has been my go-to cleanser for almost 4 years now. I cleanse only at night, helping to remove excess makeup, impurities and balance the skin’s natural moisture.

Oh, moisturizers. This is the one product category where I love to test and try new lines. I’ve been using this one below for quite some time. I love how soft it makes my skin feel, that it’s fragrance-free. and free of many ingredients other products are not. This is also another tried and true favorite and I often switch back and forth.

My go-to toner for the past year or so has been this gel like one. Use 1-2 pumps onto a round cotton pad and then smooth over your face and neck. This noticeably evens the texture and tone of my skin!

I love a good serum. Serums can provide so many different and wonderful benefits to your skin, but it can be overwhelming with all there are to choose from. These are three I use most religiously:

Marula Oil
If you buy any of the serums here make it this one. This product does it all. It leaves my skin feeling softer and more moisturized, helps with wrinkles, and not-kidding y‘all, almost takes away my dark under eye circles. This stuff is magical. It can be a little pricey, but one to two drops goes a long way and will change your skin.

Night Serum
I love this night serum because it’s super light, not oily, and helps to even skin tone and reduce pores. I combine it at night with the Marula Oil for the best results.

Little tip! These products can be purchased in a convenient travel size pack for easy transporting or if you are just wanting to test them out.

Hydration Serum
While this serum has some of the same benefits as the first two I use it primarily to even out the texture of my skin – and for that reason, it’s a gamechanger.

Eye Cream
I switch back and forth between this eye cream and this one. I love the metal tip on the second because it makes my eyes feel cool!

How to Apply:
This is the exact order I go through for my skincare routine:

  • Take off makeup using a makeup removing wipe (Night only)
  • Use cleanser to remove excess makeup and buildup (Night only) – In the morning I splash with water and pat dry
  • Apply eye cream with the metal applicator tip and let soak in
  • Use resurfacing gel (Morning & Night)
  • Take 1-2 to pumps of serums and combine with a dollop of moisturizer and apply evenly to face and neck. (Use the Night Serum, Pink Top, at night only)

The Add-Ons

Face masks are a girl’s best friend. My favorite thing about them is that there are many options that can provide different benefits. This exfoliating mask is one of my favorites and I use it about 1x a week, sometimes 2. I alternate between that one and this baby facial one that will make your skin feel so soft and refreshed. The only downside to this one is it causes a slight tingling feeling when you first apply it, but that goes away within the first few minutes.

Eye balm
This brightening and cooling eye balm is currently sold out, but it may be my favorite new product in my skincare arsenal. I love using it in the mornings when my eyes feel sleepy. I use it under my eyes to depuff, brighten, and cool, and then on my cheeks, nose, and cupids bow for a little extra highlight!

Lip Care
This is a fairly new category I have added to my routine. First, I exfoliate using this lip scrub and then I put on this mask to hydrate and repair. I know these may seem pricey, but a little will go a long way!

3 Ways To Not Break The Bank With Skincare

#1: Buy Trial/Travel Size Products to Start

Not ready to invest in a completely new skincare line because you don’t know how your skin will react? GIRL, I FEEL YOU! I hardly ever purchase a full-size skincare product without buying a travel size one first. Many skincare lines will sell travel size versions of the same products and that’s the perfect place to start if you’re interested in adding something new to your routine.

In Sephora, you can usually find them while you wait to check out. Or, my favorite brands offer kits of a variety of products so you can try out the whole line. I’ve purchased this one and this one before and was able to pick and choose what I loved from each and wanted to continue with.

#2: Use Every Last Drop

Do you know what I hate? Wasted product. I use every last drop of the skincare products I buy. They are expensive and I want to get my money’s worth.

Pro Tip: This moisturizer has a pump top, but the purple lid will unscrew from the white base and you can use your fingers to dab some moisturizer on. This saves me from wasting when I don’t need 2 full pumps and you can scrape the container clean since you aren’t wasting what the pump isn’t picking up.

#3: Stock Up

Just because you love skincare doesn’t mean you love spending the money on it. Sephora and Ulta will often have sales throughout the year where you can receive a certain percentage off of your purchase – make sure to take full advantage! You can find a lot of skincare line there and the TULA products often can be discounted using a bloggers discount code!

I hope this was helpful for all your skincare related questions! As always, if you have any questions, I love to help!

What’s your favorite product in your skincare routine I should know about? I love trying and testing new ones!

xx Tara


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