Finding Your Inner Confidence + The Comparison Game

Feeling confident in who you are as a person sounds a lot easier than it actually is, am I right? It hasn’t been until the past year or so that I’ve truly started to find inner confidence.

I truly believe that finding your most confident self starts from the inside. We have to get our insides right and love ourselves FIRST. The more we practice self love and inner confidence and really believe it, the more it begins to to shine outward, allowing us to love others better and be loved better in return.

I’m no expert, but as someone who used to be totally insecure and fill my own head with negative thoughts, I’ve picked up a few tools along the way that helps me find my inner confidence. That doesn’t mean I still don’t struggle with self-worth, talk negative to myself, or get down, I’m human and a constant work in progress. But with these tools, I’m able to see past that inner voice that try’s to bring me down.

Lead With Gratitude

A grateful mind and a grateful heart are powerful. I try and start every morning by reading my devotional and journaling. This practice helps to center me, stay close to my faith, and remind myself of what I’m grateful.

This can look different for your routine based on your beliefs and schedule, but consciously taking the time to write down what I’m grateful for, what I’m struggling with and asking for guidance, helps me a ton.

This practice starts my day with my mind in a positive place. It’s so easy to roll over grab your phone, open Instagram, scroll and compare. By beginning with gratitude and journaling I begin my day in a good mindset and it helps to carry me throughout the day, impacting my confidence in who I am and my actions throughout.

Move Your Body

An essential for me maintaining confidence in who I am and loving myself, is moving my body in some way everyday.Whether it’s a 50-minute barre class, a 30-minute walk, or just simply playing with the dogs outside, I always feel better about myself getting in some type or sweat or moving.

This isn’t about being super fit it’s more about being thankful that I can move my body and the dose of good endorphins I feel after I’m done. This boosts my overall mood, which affects how I feel about myself throughout my day.

Build Others Up

I read somewhere once that the negative things we perceive in others are flaws that we also see within ourselves. In ways I agree with this. It’s so easy to judge others and put them down when we don’t feel good about who we are inside.

A lot of this stems from comparison, and comparison my friends, is 100% the theif of joy. We’ve all done it. Compared ourselves to someone else, trying to find faults in them, in turn thinking bad about ourselves for the things that we don’t do, look, or have as the other does. It’s a vicious cycle.

One of the pivotal things I’ve done to increase my own self-confidence is to empower and show love to other women. This can be building them up in their struggles, complimenting them when it’s genuine, supporting them in their goals, anything really.

Start supporting the other women and humans around you, it will be soul giving and life changing to see how your positive energy will rub off on them and you.This isn’t an exhaustive list of everything that we can do to try and find inner confidence in who we are, but it’s a start.

These little tips have helped me tremendously feel more confident in who I am and my place here on this earth. Remember, at the end of the day we cannot fully give love to others without first loving ourselves.In what ways could you show yourself more love? What makes you feel the most confident in who you are? I’d love for you to share so we can learn from one another.

xx Tara

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