Our Anniversary Trip with Traveluxe Official

Happy Monday, y’all! I can’t believe that our 1-year anniversary was just two weeks ago. This year has flown by and we’ve learned a ton about ourselves, us as a couple, and marriage.

With the craziness happening in the world, the nonstop of buying and completely renovating a house in under 2 months, and more, we knew we wanted to decompress and enjoy a weekend getaway just the two of us for our one year anniversary.

Enter Traveluxe Official. If you’ve been here for a bit you might remember that we used Emily from Traveluxe Official for our St. Lucia honeymoon last October. She made the process so seamless from planning where to stay to everything in between. When it was time to plan our 1st-anniversary trip using Emily’s services was a no-brainer!

We had the most amazing time at Primland Resort thanks to Emily from Traveluxe handling everything for us and I’m excited to finally answer your questions about the process of working with Emily and everything you need to know before you book!


Planning Process

Getting started with Emily from Traveluxe is super simple! First off, I highly recommend checking out Traveluxe’s Instagram to get some inspiration. Whether you know where you’re planning on traveling or need some help narrowing down a location their feed is full of location inspiration.

For our anniversary trip, we had a few things that were important to us in a location. We wanted to really soak in the fall weather that was beginning, be in a more remote/private location, and be within a 5ish hour drive from home since it would be a weekend trip.

Emily and I discussed these points and she compiled such an amazing list for us that it was honestly hard to choose from all the options. We landed on Primland for the stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains (in true Traveluxe fashion, it also hit all of our other requests!).

For trips like these, whether they are honeymoons, mini-moons, or anniversary trips, Traveluxe has a $250 fee per person, and believe me when I say it is SO worth it. This concierge fee covers all of the planning and arranging your agent will provide.

From the time we first chatted with Emily, throughout our stay, she handled every detail related to our trip. From helping us choose our location, arranging transportation if needed, scheduling dinners, excursions, and more!

During Our Stay

One of the best parts about planning with Emily is that she handled every reservation and activity for us on our trip. We had Emily setup one nice dinner and one excursion of our choice, which was perfect for us! For every couple she works with the itinerary is completely customizable to what you want while you are there, making it your perfect getaway.

Choosing activities and places to eat is really simple when using Traveluxe. With close relationships with all of their properties, agents from the Traveluxe team are traveling over 300 days a year to their preferred properties making sure clients receive the best of the best (which also makes them full of recommendations)!

Our Cottage

If you didn’t follow along on Instagram stories during our trip, I’ll link to the Primland highlight here so you can check out our Cottage. Travis and I were blown away when we pulled up to the cottage that Emily had picked for us.

It hands down had the best view of the lodge and the expansive Blue Ridge Mountains, making it a perfect location to enjoy the sunset. The little two-story cottage, complete with its very own fireplace, a lofted bedroom, and the prettiest wood detailing, made for the perfect mountain getaway.


We ate dinner the first night at Primland in the Lodge (which, I cannot even handle the beauty of!) at elements, their Farm to Table restaurant on property. The food was so fresh and delicious, and they even greeted us with complimentary glasses of Veuve Cliquot to celebrate our 1st-anniversary.

For dinner our second night at Primland we ordered room service to enjoy the views from our porch. The scenery was gorgeous and we enjoyed a bottle of champagne together and reminisced on the last year. Scroll down to check out the views of the lodge from our cottage!


On our only full day at the resort, we wanted to take part in one of their outdoor activities. Being situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains and on over 10,000+ acres, Primland offers guests the opportunity to enjoy more outdoorsy activities.

If you’ve followed for a bit, you know Travis is a 4-wheeling fan and when he saw that one of the options was to tour the property on a 4-wheeler he was in, and so was I! There are a ton of activities to pick from and we definitely couldn’t have gone wrong, but the views were gorgeous and it was so fun to drive fast and explore more of the property.

When you book through Emily and Traveluxe everything is scheduled and handled for you ahead of time making it so easy to just enjoy. I must note, having them book ahead of time also guarantees you get to do what you want, especially with limited times and expanded sanitization protocols at most resorts!

Traveluxe Perks

I know I’ve said it a bunch, but working with Emily for our last couple of trips has not only taken so much stress off of me from the actual logistics part, but we get to enjoy the perks of booking through her.

When booking through Emily at Traveluxe not only is she available 24/7 while traveling for when needs arise, but clients also get to enjoy a $100 resort credit (excluding in-room dining and alcohol) and complimentary breakfast every morning during the stay. Really all you have to do as a client is pack your bag and check-in!

As you start to plan for your next trip, whether is be your honeymoon, anniversary, or mini-moon, I cannot recommend Emily from Traveluxe enough. Her service and planning will guarantee you one of the best trips of your life, with everything handled from beginning to end, allowing you to relax and truly enjoy your vacation.

You can find Emily here on her Instagram and the Traveluxe Official site here for major vacation inspiration! Here’s to more trips and exploring in 2021! Enjoy some of my favorite snaps from the weekend below.

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